Fonts in Use

Nike Pro


Fit, stretch 🤸‍♀️ and sweat 💦 together with our customized font in the new Nike Pro collection. We like the visuals and hope you enjoy it as we do. Hopefully, you will break all the records thanks to it.



Our long-time favourite 💗 project. A womenswear 💅🏽 label called miaou was established in 2016 by Alexia Elkaim. Since then Pano font has dutifully performed its service in the front line of this fashion project.

Vico Magistretti


Vico Magistretti ... a great architect and an icon of Italian 🇮🇹 furniture design. It is a pleasure for us to browse 🌐 snapshots from an exhibition of his pieces carried out during Melbourne design week 2020.

CBRX Motor Racing


Automotive enthusiasts, petrolheads, member clubs and collectors. 🏎 The Car Barn™ racing team from Zurich 🇨🇭 Pano font has joined the team and took a part in the Le Mans Cup 2019 🏁

Terres de Paris


Pano font in use within 🇫🇷 »Terres de Paris« exhibition 🖼 De la matière au matériau (From Material to Material) held in Pavillon de l'Arsenal in 2019. Graphic design by @pierre_vanni

Universidade do Porto


🏛 one of the »GOAT« 🐐 applications we collected so far. Faculty of Law of the University of Porto 🇵🇹 We are thankful for this collaboration with @nonverbalclub & @barata.arquitectos 👏 well done🥇

Paris Gallery Weekend

We found some old treasures in our studio we’d like to share with you, here we go with our evergreen 🌳 #TopolTypeface used by @comedebouchony within Paris Gallery Weekend in 2017 🦦 organized by Choices.


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